What Size Dumpster Should I Rent?

What Size Dumpster Should I Rent?

Rent the Right Size Dumpster: What Size Dumpster Should I Rent?

When it comes to renting a dumpster, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is determining the right size for your needs. If you choose a dumpster that’s too small, you’ll end up having to make multiple trips to the landfill, which can be costly and time-consuming. On the other hand, if you choose a dumpster that’s too large, you’ll be paying for space that you don’t need. If you’re not familiar with how dumpsters work, here are some key factors to consider when choosing the right size dumpster for your project.

What is the amount of waste?

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One of the first things to consider before renting a bin is the amount of waste you have. This will depend on the type of project you’re starting, such as a home renovation, a construction project, or spring cleaning. Once you have a rough estimate of the amount of waste you’ll be generating, you can begin to narrow down the size of the dumpster you’ll need.

What type of waste will you be disposing of?

Different types of waste have different weights and densities, so it’s important to take this into account when determining the size of the dumpster you’ll need. For example, a dumpster for construction waste will need to be larger than one for household waste.

What space is available for the dumpster?

If you are planning on renting a bin, you’ll need to consider the space you have available for the dumpster. Make sure to measure the area where you plan to place the dumpster and compare it to the size of the dumpsters available for rent. This will ensure that the dumpster you choose will fit in the space you have available.

How long will the job take? 

Another key factor in deciding what size dumpster to get is how long it takes you to clean up the property after the work is done. You may be able to get by with a smaller unit if time isn’t an issue. However, if you need the job done quickly so you can move on to other projects, then it’s best to rent the largest dumpster available. 

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What are the most common dumpster sizes?

The most common dumpster sizes are 8 yards, 12 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 cubic yards. 

For most residential cleanouts, an 8-yard dumpster will be more than sufficient. These bins will typically hold up to 1,800 lbs. If you are planning on doing a landscaping project or yard work project, then renting one of these dumpsters may be more than enough to meet your needs.

A 12-yard dumpster is one of the most common sizes of waste containers used by homeowners and business owners alike. This dumpster measures 12 feet long by 8 feet wide and 6 feet high. This size can hold up to 1 tonne (2200 lbs) of standard household waste, making it a great option for people needing to get rid of household junk, renovation materials, construction materials, and other general waste. 

A 20-yard dumpster is the most popular size for residential and commercial projects. Capable of holding 1.5 tonnes of standard material, it has enough capacity to handle all types of items, including concrete, asphalt, sand, and gravel. It is also big enough to accommodate bulky items like furniture, roofing, or construction materials. 

A 30-yard dumpster typically holds 2 to 3 tonnes of standard household material, ideal for larger projects such as remodelling a whole house or a commercial construction project. You can also use it to clean out your garage or basement, or for yard waste and other large items.

Finally, a 40-yard dumpster is suitable for large-scale commercial construction projects or multiple home renovations. If you plan on remodelling your home or building a new one, then this is probably the size you want to get. 

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Extra large projects like building new additions or demolishing an entire house may require renting multiple dumpsters because it takes more than one to remove all the debris from your property.

When it comes to dumpster rental, size matters. The right size will save you money, time, and hassles. The size of your bin is completely dependent on your project and the quantities of waste you accumulate. Before you rent a dumpster you think will best suit your needs, reach out to MiniBins. We’ll have all your questions answered and can help determine the size dumpster that’s right for you.

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